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Y. G. East Coast 16/05/2010
Hi Mickey, I gave to my husband he love it, thanks for Cohiba hat.
Dale B. 14/05/2010
Mickey, I received my 2nd cigar sampler with 20 different habanos to enjoy a week or so ago, and I tell you what, these are some of the best tasting, full of that earthy, woody, nutty enjoyable aroma and flavors that my palate craves. The construction was flawless, the burn was perfect. I felt like a criminal just smoking them. One of my favorites was the Cohiba Siglo IV....Ahhhh; after smoking this one my wife said that I had a "Silly Grin" on my face for three hours! You run an Excellent customer service department, always answering all of my questions and following up on any issues that I have. I've been smoking for some 20+ years and you guys are the best, hands down... We need more people like you in customer service to school us back here in the States... Many, Many Thanks Again. Lifetime Customer. Dale B. Houston
Robert K. 16/08/2008
Mickey, thanks for getting the three boxes to me within 24 hours…they came just in time for my son’s wedding.