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This photo, submitted by avid diver Terry W., was taken in Bora Bord


Trinidad Coleccion 2006 Torre Iznaga 6 x 52 
By Terry W.


This Cigar is one of the most beautiful cigars I have seen in a long time. The workmanship on this cigar is excellent; the way it is rolled, the color of the tobacco, and cap is what I would call a perfectly made cigar!


When you first light up this cigar the draw is very easy, it has a slight taste of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice & leather. As you get into the cigar it develops up a smooth creamy texture, with nutmeg, allspice & leather notes growing more pronounced.


By the time I got to the end of the cigar I was holding on to it as if it were my air supply, I smoked it to the nub!!!! Burnt my fingers!


A most unusual aspect of the cigar is the ash; most Cubans I have smoked develop a gray-black ash, most often rough with obvious ridges - but on this Cigar the ash is almost Pure White: I have never seen or smoked a Cuban with an ash with this look to it! It is smooth, white, without mottled black or gray. The ash was 1 ½" long before it fell off.


I liked this cigar so much I ordered one more box to hold on for special occasions. Thank you for suggesting this purchase.


Terry W.


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